Are you wondering if it's time to get a shower replacement? Your bathroom enclosure can wear out faster than other areas of the home. But, there are also other reasons why you might need to replace your shower or have a new one installed in your home.

It's More than a Decade Old

If the last time you got a shower replacement was more than ten years ago, your bathroom might need another update. Older shower enclosures can develop stains and damage as the finish wears off. They can also have micro-cracks where moisture seeps through into the wall space or under the floors.

Your Children are Growing Up

Many adults prefer taking showers rather than baths. In these cases, a traditional shower-tub combo can be an annoyance, but one that homeowners keep because it makes bathing their kids easier. When your children have grown the bathtub becomes redundant again. Why not get a tub-to-shower conversion to transform your bathtub into a much more convenient and comfortable shower?

You are Aging in Place at Home

If you are older and have plans to age in place rather than downsizing or transitioning to a retirement home, it's time to start making some accessibility improvements. One such option is having a walk-in shower installed. Taking care of bathroom updates while you are feeling good and have plenty of mobility makes the process of remodeling a lot less stressful. It also means you'll be able to use the shower comfortably for many years to come. 

It Needs a Change of Style

If your bathroom enclosure features an out-of-style look that's very obvious from another time period, you might want to update it. There are many classic shower enclosure designs available that provide a timeless look to carry you through the next few decades.

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