As you update your bathroom, it’s important to consider the ways your new bath will benefit you down the line. Designing with long-term goals is a great way to avoid remodeling apprehension. Your new bath system should make getting ready a relaxing and enjoyable experience. One of the best ways you can add long-term value to your bathroom is with an accessible walk-in bath.

Benefits of Installing an Accessible Bath

Installing a professional walk-in tub into your home adds universal accessibility. This accessible upgrade makes bathing easier for most people including those with joint pain or limited mobility. A walk-in tub replacement can help with:

  • Muscle Relaxation From Hydrotherapy Jets
  • Massaging Air Bubble Therapy
  • Color Chromatherapy for Mood Enhancements
  • Scented Aromatherapy
  • Purification and Ozone Therapy

Types of Accessible Bathroom Products

There are many varieties of accessible bath options to suit different needs. This variety gives you the freedom to select the perfect choice for your mobility level, design preference, and desired comfort. Some accessible bath options include:

  • Walk-In Tubs: Walk-in bathtubs feature low access points and watertight doors to help you get into a deep soaking tub easier. Walk-in tubs also feature hydrotherapy jets that can help with muscle relaxation.
  • Walk-In Showers: A walk-in shower is easier to access than a walk-in tub. Walk-in showers can be customized with built-in seats, adjustable controls, and more.
  • Roll-In Showers: A roll-in shower is made with wider doors and low entry points. This is a great option for those who use walkers and wheelchairs or require assistance.

You can customize these options to better suit your needs by asking your bathroom remodeler to add built-in features. Easy-to-reach shelving, seating, and caddies are great options to get you started.

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