Most house base models come with a standard bathroom that has a tub/shower combination in it. This is mainly because families need tubs to clean their children regularly in a safe environment. However, the current trend is leaning more towards luxurious and modern shower spaces that offer an abundance of space for adults to enjoy a nice shower.

The professionals at Luxury Bath of Seattle love to help customers go from standard bathrooms to stylish bathrooms and we put together a list of the top 5 reasons people make this bath conversion happen. Do not hesitate to reach out for any additional information on these topics!

Stylish Upgrades

Many customers are just looking for a way to create a more up-to-date bathroom space. Right now, bathroom vibes are very relaxing and unfortunately, tub shower combinations do not give off that vibe. Getting a full shower replacement can also offer you the opportunity to update your fixtures to really give any space a stylish upgrade.

Accessible Bathing Spaces

We also see a lot of trends in switching from a tub space to a walk-in-shower space due to customers needing more accessibility. Having independence in the bathroom for as long as possible is an important part of aging and tub-to-shower conversion can help with that. This is an easy solution to convert your space into a safe and relaxing bathing space.

Health and Stress Relief Benefits

Having an updated spa-like space can help your body relax after a hard day’s work. That is why it is very popular right now to take your bathtub/shower combo space and turn it into a spa-like shower space. With the incredible updates available to the average customer, it is very affordable to create a calming and relaxing space in your bathroom. If you are looking for the most stress-free environment a steam shower is always recommended!

Low Maintenance Options

Cleaning a bathtub is a lot of work. You have to deal with tub stains and scrubbing on your hands and knees which is not great for anyone’s back. An updated shower space can be created with easy-to-clean surfaces that will help save you time and back pains! All you will need to do is simple wipe-downs from time to time.

Creating More Space and Convenience

We see a lot of tub-to-shower conversions that create a larger bathing space in bathrooms. Many customers come looking for a way to open up their cramped tub/shower combination bathrooms and make them a more enjoyable space that conveniences their household. There is an abundance of uses that can benefit a family or individual with a larger bathing space and the bathroom remodeling company at Luxury Bath of Seattle would love to help you get those benefits. Call us today for a customizable bathroom estimate.