Many Seattle homeowners choose to remodel their bathrooms when they're trying to resell their homes. This is a great way to boost the property value of your house, as well as make it more likely to sell. While bathrooms are often an overlooked portion, investing in renovations there is always a fantastic choice. There are countless options that you can choose from when redesigning your bathroom, as well as multiple color styles. While you may be tempted to choose a color palette that reflects your own wishes if you're trying to resell your home you want to think about the buyer. In this blog, we'll highlight some of the best color options to choose from when remodeling your bathroom.

Stick With White, Cream Bathroom Colors

While you might think a vibrant, unique color would look great in your Seattle home, a potential buyer will not. Your best bet is to stick with white and cream colors. These are simple, neutral colors that pair well with other designs and look best in a bathroom. They make the space look larger, which is always a concern in a tightly packed bathroom. The top five color options to choose from include:

  • Pure White: Pure white looks best on the walls in a bathroom, and gives you the ability to customize other colors. Be sure to paint your bathroom walls with this simple selection for the highest resale potential.
  • Biscuit: If you insist on having a wall color besides white, biscuit is a great alternative. This yellow-white hue adds a little bit of personality to the bathroom while still remaining simple and easy to match.
  • White Slate: White slate is a fantastic countertop option. It's subtle, yet refined, and pairs well with the wall colors of white and biscuit.
  • White Travertine: This color selection looks great as a bath and shower surround. It has a sandy visual to it that adds a nice touch of pattern.
  • Sierra Sand: If you're seeking a surround color with a little more style, sierra sand expands on the color of white travertine by adding more patterns.

Consider Remodeling Your Bathroom Fixtures As Well

In addition to color selection, choosing bathroom fixture renovations is a great way to boost the resale value as well. Walk-in showers are a preferred bathing fixture for many individuals. If your home is currently equipped with a bathtub, you don't have to stay stuck with it. You can easily turn it into a roomy shower with a bathroom conversion. Many remodelers can even accomplish this type of renovation in just one day, so your bathroom doesn't have to be a complete mess for days on end.

Get In Touch With a Seattle Bathroom Remodeler

If your Seattle home is ready to be sold and you want to finish it off with some quality bathroom remodeling services, look no further than Luxury Bath of Seattle. We have a massive selection of colors for your bathroom, including all of the ones listed above. We also provide conversions and shower installations, so you can completely renovate your home's bathroom to whatever you desire. Get started today and contact us for a free quote.