When you are looking for a traditional bathroom-style bathroom, warm colors should be your go-to move. However, it takes a special eye for design to make sure your warm color pallet doesn't get lost in a mixture of average color choices. Thankfully at Luxury Bath of Seattle, we have bathroom designers that will help you mix and match your design choices until you find the perfect setting to go with your shower or tub replacement. With a few easy steps, you will be on your way to your dream bathroom.

Step 1. Choose Your Wall Colors

When you are looking at your bathroom it is important to first decide if you want to give the room a quick refresh, or if you want to work with the paint that you currently have. A coat of paint can lighten or darken up a room, highlighting other aspects of your bathroom. When you are looking for a warm traditional bathroom, it is often a good idea to go with the neutral wall color. A lot of our traditional styles would go great with a simple coat of tan or white paint.

Step 2. Decide on a Color for Your Bath or Shower

At Luxury Bath of Seattle, we provide a variety of shower and bath surrounds. With both sophisticated and basic styles, we have multiple options that will fit every customer's needs. 

If your shower is not what you want to highlight in your bathroom, a basic color pop may be perfect for you. Some of our simple but classic color options include:

  • Almond
  • Grey
  • Sandbar

If your bath or shower surround is what you are trying to feature, a more sophisticated pattern may be the style you are looking for. Some of our traditional and elegant color options include:

  • Arctic Ice
  • Canyon Rock
  • Platino Granite
  • And so Much More!

​​Step 3. Upgrade Your Tile Wall Pattern

Some of our customers prefer to skip this step altogether. The simple and clean look of a patterned or colored wall in your shower is perfect for some bathroom designs. However, if you are looking for a texture tile wall pattern Luxury Bath of Seattle would love to give you that upgrade. Some of our more popular traditional tile wall patterns include:

  • Subway Tiles
  • Cobblestone
  • Hexagonal

​​Step 4. Pick a Hardware Metal

Traditional bathrooms often have gold or silver hardware. If you have decided to go with a browner bathroom style, gold hardware could really pop. If you have decided to go with a white bathroom, a silver option could bring a nice metallic feel to your space. Make sure to discuss these options with your design team, it is important for all of your fixtures and hardware to flow.

Step 5. Add in Accessories

Accessories can really make a bathroom. You do not want to be sitting in your custom-designed bathroom and wish you had added something more. At Luxury Bath of Seattle, our team of designers will go over our long list of accessories including:

  • Grab Bars and Other Accessible Shower and Tub Options
  • Comfortable Bench Seating
  • Storage Shelves and Organizers
  • Soap Dishes

​​Step 6. Enjoy Your Traditional Bathroom

It is now time to add in your own pizzaz with towels and artwork. If you are ready to get started on designing your own traditional style bathroom remodel call Luxury Bath of Seattle today. Our amazing customer care team will happily help you get from step 1 to step 6 in no time at all.