If your bathroom happens to have windows but needs replacement, you might be wondering how that is possible. At Luxury Bath Seattle, we are often asked if we can remodel bath or shower stalls in a bathroom with a window. Fortunately, the answer is yes. Expert luxury bath professionals have put together a few tricks to show you how it works. 

Take Custom-Measurement Of Bath/Shower Walls

Every bathroom and client's preferred designs are different. We understand this and are fully committed to seeing that you get the bathroom of your dreams. As the first step after a free consultation with our bathroom professionals, we send a team to measure the bathroom area in your home - considering your windows for the best results.

These measurements will be taken to our factory, where we will make bath or shower stalls customized to your taste and fit your bath space. When the stalls are ready, we bring them down to your home and install them to accommodate your existing windows. You never have to worry about sacrificing lighting or ventilation for the bath or shower you always wanted.

Protective Window Trim For Bath/Shower Walls

We work to ensure your new bath or shower fits around your windows and stays protected. Constant exposure to water in your bathroom can cause your windows and window frames to deteriorate. Professional installers can protect your windows from water damage by installing protective window trims over the window frames. 

These window trims are durable and long-lasting and made with a high-quality resistant finish. Our window trims come in any color to match your bathroom walls, so you don't have to worry about your windows sticking out like a sore thumb. 

Shower Doors That Let Window Light Shine Through

Windows are not the only way to get great lighting in your bathroom. The best way to maximize the lighting from your bathroom windows is to have shower doors installed. By swapping your curtain rod with a shower door, you see your bathroom in a different light. Various exotic shower glass door options and styles to choose from include:

  • By-Pass Slider Doors 
  • S-Curve By-Pass Doors
  • Barn Style And Swing Doors

These elegant door styles are complemented with custom metal finishes like matte black, chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, brushed gold, and nickel giving your shower doors a desirable look. 

Dress Up Other Windows In The Bathroom

Go all out and dress up other windows in the bathroom. Don't restrict the decorations to the windows around the bathtub area. While we install custom-made shower/bath stalls, we can also install wainscot on windows outside your bathing area. 

Wainscot is wood paneling that we use to decorate windows and prevent water damage. It can be measured around and beneath the windows to give your bath space a brand new and custom fitting with beautiful windows to match.

Contact Luxury Bath Seattle For The Best Tub And Shower Installations

There's no need to hold back on remodeling your bath or shower areas because it has windows. Start by filling out our online in-home consultation for custom measurements and installations for windowed bathrooms today. We are prepared to deliver the best bathroom remodeling services and make your dream bath space happen.