It’s time to let go of the idea that accessibility needs to be clinical and simple. A walk-in tub provides much more than accessibility. The right walk-in tub can transform your bathroom into a spa-like oasis in the heart of your home. Aging brings so many gifts, and some like persistent back and muscle pain, diabetes, and circulatory disease, or arthritis aren’t the kinds we want to welcome.

A walk-in tub can provide a way to ease the aches and pain with at-home hydrotherapy. Did you know that a soak in warm water helps open blood vessels and improve circulation? Coldwater therapy can reduce swelling and inflammation. Whatever ailment you are looking to soothe, hydrotherapy solutions can be tailored to provide the relief you need.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy with a Walk-In Tub

In addition to submerging yourself in a temperature-controlled therapeutic experience, you’ll enjoy the optional addition of many different aspects of hydrotherapy. From water jet massages to reduce lactic acid and relieve body aches to an aromatherapy experience that helps you relax, a walk-in bathtub could be the relief you’ve been looking for.

Hydrotherapy benefits include:

  • Hydrotherapy Jet Massage
  • Air Bubble Therapy
  • Color Chromatherapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Ozone Therapy & Purification

Your walk-in tub can include water jets that provide massaging relief for muscle aches and pains, helping reduce inflammation. Some models also include air spa jets that release thousands of tiny bubbles into the water to create a gentle massage and buoyancy to relieve stress on your joints. Some models also include colored lights which have been linked to mood enhancement and insomnia treatments, making a walk-in tub a good investment for your physical and emotional health.

And a bath is the perfect opportunity to embrace aromatherapy using specific scents that cause the brain to release neurochemicals to either elicit relaxation or invigoration. Plus, many models of walk-in tubs include an ozone therapy feature that promotes healing and hygiene. Ozone purifies the water, enhances your oxygen intake, and oxidizes and disinfects the water.

There is no shortage of benefits when it comes to investing in a walk-in tub. The key is to make sure you choose a model that delivers the benefits you’re looking for. When you’re ready to explore your options, choose a team of walk-in tub installers that can offer premium products and quality workmanship. Many bathroom remodelers offer walk-in tubs as an optional service. If possible, ask to view models in a showroom. Nothing quite replaces being able to lay your eyes and hands on the real deal when shopping.

Additional Tips to Enhance Your Spa-Like Bathroom Experience

To pull together a complete spa-like design for your bathroom, we recommend sticking to a neutral color scheme with plenty of white accented with relaxing tones like sea glass, aquamarine, and ocean blue. Pair your simple color scheme with these ideas:

  • Incorporate Natural Stone
  • Use Gold Accents
  • Add Warm Wood Tones with Walnut or Teak
  • Hang a Chandelier
  • Convert a Room with Windows
  • Light Some Candles

Final Thoughts on Creating a Spa-Like Bathroom at Home

A walk-in tub doesn’t have to be an indicator of aging or an embarrassing mobility renovation. As you age gracefully, embrace the idea that your walk-in tub can provide the perfect opportunity for healing and relief. Embrace the choice full circle by redesigning your bathroom to provide a little spa oasis inside your home. The right fixtures, color palette, and accents can make all the difference.