Do you feel squeezed for space in a tiny bathroom? The average size of a bathroom in the American household is just between 36-40 square feet. That is closer to a good size closet than a spa-like escape. And many homeowners put off updating their small bathrooms because they feel limited by the space. The good news is that people have been living in micro spaces for a long time and we have come up with some pretty ingenious solutions to make 40 square feet feel a lot bigger than it really is.

These great ideas can help make the most out of your small bathroom space:

  1. Compact Tub and Shower Designs
  2. Neo-Angle Shower Bases
  3. Built-In Storage

Get the Best of Both Worlds with Compact Bathtubs for Small Spaces

A standard bathtub measures 5 ft. in length. In most bathrooms, this takes up an entire wall. If you are looking at options to fit into a smaller bathroom, a common concession is to skip the tub in favor of a standing shower stall. But if you like to soak in the tub, this leaves you longing for a bigger bathroom. However, with innovative designs, modern bathtubs come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles.

One solution is to use a 4.5 ft. compact bathtub in place of a standard 5 ft. tub. Six inches doesn’t sound like a whole lot, but it can make all of the difference in a small bathroom. Another option is to opt for a walk-in tub which is often narrower than a standard bathtub.

Accommodate Tiny Spaces with Smaller Showers

While many homeowners are happy to have as much space in the shower as possible, compact options scale down to less than three feet square. These slimmer options make good use of smaller spaces. With a compact shower base, a center drain, and custom-fabricated shower walls, it is possible to fit a shower almost anywhere. And with a wide variety of colors and patterns, you can get the look you want without compromising on style.

And when it comes to the door, shower enclosures range from as small as 29” to as wide as 47 ½”, so sizing shouldn’t be a problem. For example, the Sidewinder Outswing Door is the perfect solution to a tight-space problem. The outswing pivot door is designed with ¼” clear glass and a solid C-shaped handle. It is reversible and fits a variety of pan sizes.

Maximize Corner Space with a Neo-Angle Shower Base

While most showers are naturally square or rectangular, the neo-angle shower base maximizes the square footage in a small bathroom by placing the entry at a soft angle. The durable acrylic base is available in three neutral colors and features a center drain. The overall size is 38 in x 38 in x 36 in. An while two inches doesn’t seem like a lot of space, softening the sharp corners makes the neo-angled shower take up far less visual space.

Seamless Wall Storage Solutions

The biggest problem with a small bathroom is not having enough room to store things. And thanks to the nuances of the hygiene routine, most of us have bottles galore hanging out in our bathrooms. The best way to solve this problem without adding more space is to utilize built-in wall storage inside the shower or bathtub. There are many versatile designs that add a lot of utility to typical bathing spaces.

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