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A Stair Lift Offers Freedom and Independence in Your Home


If climbing stairs is no longer an option, we can install a stair lift or stair chair lift that will return freedom and independence to you in your home.

A stair lift or stair chair lift is a lifting chair that is used to carry a person up and down staircases, usually by means of a track system.

We want you to stay in your home as long as you desire, and a stair lift or stair chair can make that possible.  And because accidents on staircases are a leading cause of serious injuries, we provide an affordable stair lift or stair chair to ensure full access within your home.

As a leading building contractor serving the Redmond area and beyond, we have a proven history of providing safe and reliable aging in place products, such as our stair lift or stair chair lift with options and at competitive prices.

Call Home at Ease for stair lift or stair chair lift installation services to regain your independence and freedom. 206-605-2284


Stair Chair Lift Installations for Barrier-Free Living


As premier stair chair lift installers, we understand how to provide a safe and easy way to independent living. 

The stair chair lift is just one more way to provide barrier-free living for people with disabilities so that they can continue to live independently in their homes.

For those who may be mobility challenged in a multi-story home, we can provide recommendations for installation of a stair chair lift that is high-quality, but cost effective.  With our experience in stair chair lift installations, the stair lift is very reliable.


Why Choose Us When You Need a Stair Chair?


We are a professional contractor with a reputation for maintaining current specifications for all of our contractor services including the installation of a stair chair.

Beyond that, these are some of the reasons why we are chosen to install our stair chair:


We invite your inquiries and invite you to visit our Home at Ease showroom serving the Redmond area and beyond.  Let us help you regain independence in your home with a stair chair lift installation.  206-605-2284